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Global has decades of experience in the mining industry and provides environmental science, review, regulation and permitting consulting services to government and industry. We tap our extensive network of experts to hand-pick a team of industry experts with knowledge and experience that compliments each clients’ unique needs.

One of our most recent opportunities has involved the completion of both desktop and field studies to identify environmental resources within a proposed project area, analyze siting options for avoiding environmental impacts to the extent possible, working with the client to define the project, and initiate environmental review and permitting efforts at the local, state and federal level.

Global participates in projects at all stages – sometimes providing environmental assistance and guidance for a compliance matter or assisting in the closure activities once a project is complete and, for instance, a mining resource is exhausted.

  • Pre-Project Environmental Review Services
    • Development of resource-specific analysis plans
    • Water quality assessment
    • Wetlands identification and delineation
    • Waste characterization and management
    • Regulatory assistance
    • Development of state and federal review documentation
  • Permitting
    • Environmental risk assessment
    • Preparation of environmental assessment worksheets
    • Preparation of environmental impact statements
  • Operations
    • Environmental management
    • Compliance
    • Water quality management
    • Sulfate reducing systems
  • Post-Project
    • Site remediation
    • Passive treatment of mining impacted water
    • Sulfate reducing systems
    • Mineland reclamation
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